What people are saying...

“Your seminar was the first time in my life (45 years) that I saw the true interpretation of the historical timeline and the Bible side by side. I realized that I was not an abomination to God as my mother states. Thank you for enlightening my path as I walk with God in my new understanding of His Word.”

“Kathy is among the pioneers who are engaging people in the conservative church who aren’t sure how to feel about or who are openly afraid or ignorant about LGBTQ people and issues. For that courage and dedication–and for her friendship–I will always be grateful."

—New York City


“Kathy Baldock has achieved something remarkable. By tying together such disparate threads as historical understandings of sexuality, scientific discovery, 20th century political movements, and scriptural translation, she’s created a timeline we can look to to better understand where we have come from and where we are now.

At a time of passionate discord over the efficacy of gay relationships and the mainstreaming of marginalized LGBT people both within the church and society, Baldock offers a necessary tonic to our understandings. Regardless of anyone’s position on these matters, there is something new to be heard here.

Baldock herself is eloquent, charming,

and often quite funny. She seems to take herself seriously only in her passion for God, for truth, and setting people free – people who have been held captive for far too long by fear, by misunderstanding, and by just plain bad practice of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” 

“Thank you so much for your mission of educating what the Bible truly says about homosexuality and putting it into a historical context. It’s hard to come away from your seminar NOT feeling outrage and crying out for justice. What your seminar has taught me was to challenge the long-standing beliefs of the Church (as well as psychology and the common “norms” of society). It has given me more insight and material into potential discussions about homosexuality and the Bible. I have gained tremendously for my journey of reconciling faith and sexuality. And I’m as sure as hell gonna make sure my orange juice can’t coming from Florida!”


East Bay, Ca.

“Kathy’s seminar has changed my whole understanding of the history of the American Church, American politics, and the LGBT community.  Her precise way of cutting through the lies, mistruths, and ignorance of the general population regarding this information is transformative.  I walked away with a better understanding of what society has said about LGBT persons versus what God has said about LGBT persons.  This understanding gave me freedom of faith, an acceptance of my own sexuality, and cultivated healing and wholeness in my life.” 

—San Francisco

“As a parent of a gay daughter I am so impressed with the work that Kathy is doing for our children. I feel honored to know her and am very proud to support her work. To have such a strong, caring voice helping to bridge the gap in this battle means so much to me. I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do through this incredible lady and I am really looking forward to the educational webinars she is doing for the Moms. 


—Ft. Wayne, Indiana

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