"Untangling the Mess" Presentation

The ideal format for the "Untangling the Mess" presentation is a five-hour block of time with lunch (preferably onsite) in the middle. (If the time allotment is more constrained, she can do a 90-minute, 2-hour, 3-hour, or 4-hour version.) For the full-length version, Kathy spends the first three hours laying a firm foundation on which to lay the Bible verses associated with same-sex behavior. That may sound like a long process, but it goes fast and is essential to see the verses in context.


For presentations at secular or non-church organizations, this can be modified to specifically fit your needs.




















Presentation overview, outline and tips sheets for church, academic, secular and political environments available HERE. 


As Kathy teaches, she creates a timeline to give participants the feeling of discovering information along with her as they progress through time together. She begins with the understanding of human sexuality and the social/sexual structures between men and women in ancient cultures, and then progress to modern-day. Along the way, Kathy presents all the influences on our current understanding same-sex behavior from several points of view: science, governmental and legal impacts, gays in the military, cultural changes, psychoanalysis, pastoral counseling, and the merger of politics and religion.

We'll look at original work on digging into translations notes on various versions of the Bible

throughout the day.


Participants gain insights, clarity, and ways of engaging conversations about the intersection of faith with

sexual orientation and gender identity.


Ask any previous attendee—the teaching is never boring and Kathy uses a lot of humor to make it fun and

relatable. She enjoys teaching, and it's quite obvious to those listening.



To find out more about having Kathy come to your church, organization, event, or venue, email kathy@canyonwalkerconnections.com.

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