When you book Kathy to speak...

...you get more than just a presentation.


She understands how important this is, and that not all audiences are the same. She will cater her Untangling the Mess presentation to who you have in attendance—whether they be university students, faculty, church leaders (affirming, non-affirming, or somewhere in between), your congregation, high school students, your Gay-Straight Alliance, an ally organization, political or business audiences—you name it.

The large, multi-track timeline she mounts to the wall and fills in throughout the presentation helps bring all the research together in an understandable, memorable way. This unique visual illustration shows all the moving parts in different sectors of society that have come together to create socially conservative anti-LGBT beliefs—and as far as we know, it's never been done quite this way before (just like her book). The timeline is one of the key tools that helps bring understanding, and what many might call their "aha!" moments.


To book Kathy or for more information, you may contact her directly using the form below.

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